Music Ministry

Music Ministry (An Evangelistic Ministry)

This ministry involves:
  1. singing in one or more of the singing groups
  2. use of musical instruments in worship
The Music Ministry is responsible for leading the congregation in Praise in worship services. The Music Ministry is also responsible for representing the church in Inter-Church Fellowships in Music. The Music Ministry is composed of Musician, Men’s Chorus, Women’s Chorus, Youth Choir, The Ensemble, and Tabernacle Choir and any other singing group that may be organized. Rehearsals are scheduled for each choir, chorus or group on the Wednesdays leading up to the service day of each respective singing group. Those singing with either group have requirements regarding being in rehearsal in order to sing with the group on their respective service day.
Our scripture basis for this ministry is:
Psalms 150
Ephesians 5:19